About Us

In 2016, a group of friends sat around having coffee and hot chocolate discussing their desire for a safe, collaborative environment to explore their passion for cosplay. Through their combined interests in all things costuming, a new organization – The Cosplayers Guild – took shape. The Cosplayers Guild has quickly developed into the premier multi-genre costuming group in the world. Members of the Guild share an enthusiasm for the art of cosplay – whether through creating costumes of their own or by appreciating the works of others. However, for many of the Guild, cosplay alone is not enough. The Cosplayers Guild supports a variety of causes through fundraisers, attending charity events, and hosting workshops. In an attempt to further these charitable efforts, The Cosplayers Guild is currently pursuing 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

One of the core tenets of the Guild is providing a safe and supportive group of individuals that promote creativity, self-esteem, a positive mental attitude, and more. As such, The Cosplayers Guild has a Zero-Tolerance Harassment Policy.

Costume requirements listed on this site are for members wishing to attend Guild events in an official, costumed capacity. There are no costume requirements for membership in The Cosplayers Guild, however all applications to the Guild are subject to administrative approval as provided for in Article IV: Membership of our Guild Charter. The Cosplayers Guild welcomes all individuals interested in cosplay as an art, regardless of skill level or desire to cosplay themselves.