- General -

Do you sell t-shirts or other merchandise?

Not yet, but we will soon!

Do you sell costumes, masks, or props?

No. However, many of our Guild members take commissions. Please feel free to reach out to them independently.

Do you do birthday parties?

No. As a general rule The Cosplayers Guild does not do commercial appearances for private parties.

What events does The Cosplayers Guild participate in?

The Cosplayers Guild raises funds for charity, appears at conventions, visits children’s hospitals, and a wide variety of other events.
The Guild does not campaign for political or religious causes.

How much do you charge for appearances?

We do not charge for charitable appearances. For corporate events, please submit a Request an Appearance form and we'll discuss your particular needs.

- Membership -

I’m a member of another costuming organization or fan club, is that okay?

Yes. Many Guild members belong to a wide variety of groups.

My application was rejected! What can I do?

Read over the rejection message. You may also appeal the decision to the Approvals Manager via join@cosplayersguild.org. You may also do so by replying to the rejection e-mail.

How do I join The Cosplayers Guild?

You just need to submit an application!

How do I update the information I submitted in my application?

Every year during the first quarter, the Approvals Manager will be conducting a census and getting in contact with you to update your information. If you would like to update your information in the meantime, just submit another "application" and we'll use the data to update your listing in the roster. NOTE: This only works if you submit using the email address we have on record for you. If you need to update your email address, please contact the Approvals Manager directly at approvalsmanager@cosplayersguild.org

Why don't you allow minors to join The Cosplayers Guild?

In order to keep operating costs to a minimum, The Cosplayers Guild does not maintain liability insurance. Because minors are not legally responsible for themselves, any minor members of The Cosplayers Guild would become the legal liability of the Guild and its officers at any events where their parents are not present. In order to maximize our charitable efforts, we cannot undertake such a responsibility at this time.

- Technical -

Why am I not listed on the online Guild roster?

While we make every effort to keep the online Guild roster as up to date as possible, the online roster and the official roster are not always in sync. If you have any concerns about your status in the guild, please contact the Approvals Manager via roster@cosplayersguild.org

I'm having troubles with the website. What should I do?

If you are having troubles with the website, please try again later. If the problem persists, please email webmaster@cosplayersguild.org